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Stone Cleaning

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render cleaning london
render cleaning london

Stones are used in some of the nicest and oldest buildings in the world. Before moving to bricks and mortar, buildings used to be built out of stones which leave a very nice finish to a building.Soft Washing services gives you a Best stone cleaning london Services.

Over time, these stones can accumulate dirt and grime which can make them look older and show signs of wear on the stones themselves. Fortunately, we have devised a specialised stone method that’s designed to help restore your stones to their former glory and make them look as good as new.

We understand that stones make a fantastic display, so whether it’s your property that has stone walls, or you have a stone wall around your front garden if it’s stone we’ll be able to help make it look as if it’s just been built.

stone cleaning london
stone cleaning london

Reasons To Choose Us

We’re so confident in the quality of our clean and restoration services that we give a 5 year warranty as standard.

Our cleaning services are not only good for property, they’re also good for the environment. We use eco friendly products for a environmentally conscious clean.

Our staff are fully trained and this training is regularly maintained to adhere to the latest standards.

We are a trading standards checked and reliable company with many satisfied customers.

We make stone look new.

Through our specially designed cleaning method, we can undo the effects that rain and the weather have had over the years of your stone structures standing. Stones, over time, can be at risk of becoming cracked or damaged due to harsh weather conditions and this can mean they’re likely to break in there is any large amount of force exerted onto them.

Our cleaning method is a gentle approach to cleaning your stones. Pressure washing can cause a risk of breaking or cracking your stones, or causing chips away at them, which can cause unsightly damage to the property. We understand that for a stone property, you’ll want to preserve its beauty and keep it looking as good as possible, therefore we’ve devised a cleaning method that removes this risk entirely.

We don’t use large amounts of force, but rather we use a technique that is gentle and uses chemicals that are certified and designed to be used on your stone property. This approach is much safer and can bring many longer-lasting benefits over time, as well as making your property look brilliant in the short term.

We bringing longer-lasting benefits with our cleaning.

Our stone cleaning london technique typically lasts for 5 times longer than a pressure wash. Even though a pressure washer shouldn’t be used on stone properties, people have done so in the past and found the dirt and grime appearing quickly after the wash. The chemicals we use as part of our softwashing technique are applied to your property in a technique that allows them to not only dig deep into the stains and the marks but to pull them away as well.

By pulling the stains away from your property, you’ll be able to ensure a consistent and thorough clean all around. This is something that pressure washing cannot guarantee as pressure washing relies solely on the power of the high-pressure jet to remove any dirt.

The reason our cleaning technique lasts 5 times longer is that the chemicals we use will also sanitise the surface of your stone. Not only do the chemicals do wonders for any marks that are there currently, but it also helps to kill off any microorganisms and biological growth such as algae and moss.

By leaving your stone sanitised, this makes it very difficult for microorganisms to regrow on the surface for some time, therefore helping to slow down the growth of any biological matter, subsequently preventing the marks that they bring.

We’re experts in what we do.

Our team are leading experts in the softwashing industry. We have amassed many years of experience and we’ve perfected our techniques to ensure a great clean, every time.Therefore we have a Best stone cleaning london practices.

We understand that it’s important to spend some time and understand the property that we’re working with. This step is something that is often overlooked, but we believe it to be crucial in the success of cleaning your property. We take the time and understand your property and the materials that we’re going to be working with to ensure that we give your property the best clean that we can.

It’s during the planning phase that we use the knowledge we have to get a good idea of the right equipment to use and the best approach to your property. We feel that this is a hugely important investment of time as it helps us to get a robust plan in place, preventing any problems further down the line.

We understand the cautious approach.

A rigorous, effective clean doesn’t need to use a heavy-handed approach. We’re keen to make sure we get everything lined up properly and we do what we can to be harsh on any marks on your walls whilst keeping the stone underneath safe from any damage. This is something we’ve perfected over the years and we fully believe in the approach that we use that we can provide a great clean, without risk to your stone.

If you have a stone property that you’re looking to have cleaned, we understand that you might be cautious to find a cleaning company who will do what they can to prevent any damage. This is something that we specialise in.

Our planning phase in the project is a great step to help combat any risks to your property. As we’re doing our clean, we work hard and remain vigilant to make sure that there are no risks to your stonework at all.

To help ensure this, we only use trusted equipment that we know is guaranteed to work on your property. We strongly believe that using the right equipment effectively can transform the look and feel of a property whilst keeping it out of harm’s way, therefore we invest the time and effort into using the latest equipment, ensuring that it’s just what your property needs.

We want to help you to keep your property looking clean and to keep that cautious approach as best we can, which is why our stone cleaning service is tailored to be as safe and suited to stonework as possible. We’ll do our bit to make your property look as good as it possibly can.

Lastly, we’re cautious not to cause disruptions. Pressure washing uses loud, powerful tools that can cause a lot of noise to the surrounding area. We aim to avoid this, and the tools we use for our softwashing technique are much quieter to allow you to continue your day without disruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. Our approach is proven to be safe and to be effective against all grime and marks that may be on your stone, without bringing any risk to your property itself. We achieve this through three things:

  • The expertise of our team and their knowledge
  • The certified cleaning chemicals we use
  • The safe and trusted equipment we utilise.

With all three combined into an excellent stone cleaning london method, we firmly believe in our services and we’re sure that you’ll like them too. We’d love to learn more about your property and how we can help you to achieve that new look and feel, so get in touch today!

Yes, our team are well experienced in softwashing. Through years of experience, we’ve been able to build up a wealth of knowledge so we can effectively provide a great cleaning service every time.

Our cleaning services are trusted by many, and we continue to deliver great results every time. We’re passionate about what we do and we truly care about the services we provide, therefore we continue to invest time and efforts in ourselves to make sure that the services we provide are the best they can be.

Yes, we do. We strongly believe that our softwashing method is the best cleaning method to ensure a good, safe clean for your building. We eliminate the risks associated with pressure washing and other cleaning methods, giving you the peace of mind in knowing that you’ll get a clean building without risks of any damages.

Please reach out to us and get in touch for further information. We’d love to understand the type of property you’re wanting to be cleaned, so we’d love to discuss these requirements with you.

The length of time to complete the project varies based on the size of the property or any complications, such as if you have a tall building or an unusually shaped property. Reach out to us and we’ll help to get a realistic understanding of the time it’ll take, so we can give you an idea of how long the project will be.

Absolutely! We’d love to jump on a call with you and discuss your requirements and ask a couple of questions. We’ll need to know about the property you’re wanting to have cleaned, the height of the property and the size along with a few other bits to ensure that we can get you an accurate quotation.

Reach out to us today and we’ll get something together between us. We look forward to working with you!

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